Vegan for the Animals, for Health + for the Earth

About Me

Veganism For the Animals

I have always had an innate reverence for life. I remember collecting worms when I was two, pretending to be their mommy and crying at the pet store when I found a dead fish floating in the aquarium. As soon as I realized that I had been eating dead animals, it was a very natural transition for me, at 8 years old, to become a vegetarian. It was an instantaneous shift. I never ate meat again. little-suzie

Unfortunately, it took me many more years to learn about the abuse and injustice that animals endure every moment in the dairy industry. I feel even more strongly about the dairy industry than I do about the meat industry, if that is even possible. Mother and child are torn apart within the first days of birth. A mother longing for her child and a child scared and alone, awaiting his inevitable fate. Heart breaking. Going Vegan was a no brainer.

Veganism for Health

At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with sever hypo-thyroidism and have tried to deal with managing it for the last 30 years. This plays a big role in my energy levels, hormones, mood and general outlook on life. I’ve always been an advocate for holistic remedies and believe that nutrition is the best medicine, but it never crossed my mind to treat my thyroid disorder holistically until very recently. After much research and an open dialogue with countless Raw Vegans who have reversed a plethora of diseases, I’ve transitioned from a Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle to a Raw Vegan lifestyle with a focus on hydrating fruits. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying this journey and look forward to the health and happiness that my future holds.


Veganism For The Environment

The meat and dairy industries are the main contributors to the deforestation of the Amazon, a.k.a. the Lungs of Planet Earth. Everyday the rain forest is being clear cut to allow for more animal agriculture. Despite the number of mouths on the Earth that need food, it has never been clearer than it is today: people do not need to consume meat to survive, or even to be healthy. Meat is killing us and our planet. If we grew food for humans on the land that we use to grow food for livestock, we could feed all the mouths in the world.

The meat and dairy industries are the main contributors to global warming. Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse emissions than the whole transportation sector of the entire world. Just to be clear, that means all of the trains, planes, cars, buses, ships, boats, trucks, motorcycles, etc. across the entire Earth. Pretty crazy, right? But still, people find a way to justify their palette preferences, and defend themselves by saying what they eat isn’t anyone’s business. I respectfully disagree. It’s everyone’s business. Especially our children’s.

Veganism for the Future

Currently, I am a mother of four lively kids and I want nothing more than for them to grow up with a solid understanding that when they put something in their bodies they are making a decision to either nourish their bodies or to feed disease. I’ve seen them flourish on a plant-based vegan diet, not only physically, but mentally they are happier, more focused and have a joie de vivre that I never had as a child. Seeing the results of a healthy plant-based Vegan diet first hand, I feel a constant pull to share what I know with everyone.

With the state of the food industry today it is hard to know what to believe. If you want to transition to a plant-based vegan diet, but don’t know where to start, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact me. I’m happy to help you change your life and do something huge for the planet.

☮& ♡,

Suzie, The Vegan Momma